Prem Rawat Awarded Honorary Citizenship in Two Sicilian Cities

Agrigento and Mazara del Vallo have joined Corleone in recognizing Prem Rawat’s international efforts for peace




u February, 2009 On February 3, Prem Rawat opened the 64th annual Almond Blossom Festival in Agrigento by lighting the Torch of Friendship and Brotherhood at the Palacongressi. The mayor of Agrigento, Marco Zambuto, introduced the event, which was attended by military and civil dignitaries as well as the public, saying, “We are lighting the fire of friendship, and we express our hope for a free and peaceful co-existence.”
Later that day, Prem Rawat was the guest of honor at the Pirandello Theatre, where he received honorary citizenship of
Agrigento, the famous “City of the Temples,” and was presented an award of recognition by Francesco Cascio, President of the Members of the Sicilian Parliament, on their behalf.


The hall was packed with people who had come to hear Prem Rawat speak about the possibility of peace for all. “Peace is important,” he told his audience. “This is not a new quest. I’m sure that as armies marched across nations with ideas of conquering, there were always voices begging for peace. Were they heard? I don’t know. Were they listened to? I don’t know. But I do know that today we are here to make a voice for that peace.”
La Sicilia described Prem Rawat as: “A pacifist of global renown who travels the world to present an uncommon message of peace with words that warm the heart of the lonely ones and light the hope of those who live through wars or simply have never found serenity within, and lead difficult lives in our society.”
The following day, Prem Rawat was greeted enthusiastically in Mazara del Vallo at a special event honoring him called, “Peace – A Right for Every Man, Heritage of Humanity.” After a ceremony in the Town Hall, where Mayor Giorgio Macaddino made him an honorary citizen, Prem Rawat addressed a standing-room-only audience of townspeople who gathered to hear him at the Rivoli Theatre.
Giornale di Sicilia reported: “In his addresses Prem Rawat expresses an idea of peace as a ‘new essential need,’ which is fundamental for relationships between people and a reality existing within each individual. ‘If a person considers himself worthless,’ said Prem Rawat, ‘he will also consider others worthless, and this will generate only rage and frustration. Contentment, gratitude and friendship must be practiced daily. We are the lamps that can light other lamps and these, more lamps again.’”




About The Prem Rawat Foundation
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